Amerikansk Jesus 

R. Scott Appleby melder boka American Jesus: How the Son of God Became a National Icon av Stephen Prothero i New York Times - "a cultural history of Jesus as American image and icon."
Ecce homo. 'Behold the man!' Pontius Pilate exclaims in the Gospel of John, referring to the scourged Jesus of Nazareth standing before him, clad in purple cloak and wearing a crown of thorns. Which man, however, are we to behold? The anointed one of God — the Messiah, the Christ — proclaimed in the ancient Christian creeds as the incarnate God and second person of the Trinity? Thomas Jefferson's Jesus, recast as the Enlightened Sage and shorn of his miracles, resurrection and divinity? Or the amiably countercultural hippie-cum-rock-superstar whose personality cult, fostered by the 'Jesus freaks' of the 1960's, was marketed by their slick boomer counterparts in the 70's?
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